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About The Team




A Real Estate team focused on creating wins for our clients. 

We believe being proactive is Paramount in Real Estate - you have to take action and get going. This is our mantra. WE HAVE TO GET GOING.

Our team is here to accommodate our client’s schedules and show homes quickly so you can decide if it’s the right home for you. We are going to do what it takes to make it happen.

When you work with us you become part of our Real estate family. We are here for you beyond the closing to be a resource, to help friends and family.  We have a large network of vendors like painters, plumbers, contractors, or electricians whom you may need throughout your homeownership journey.



Emily Freeman

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA - Emily has a Local Real Estate Team in Atlanta and the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. As we know, the market is highly transitory, and Emily is here to help her clients navigate the ever-changing market. 


Emily is someone who takes action in her professional and personal life. When she started in Real Estate, Emily was a full-time Spanish teacher and it was 2009 - it was the worst Real Estate market anyone had seen and she didn’t know if she could make it work - AND went all in. 


Her business coach gave Emily a roadmap to be successful in this industry and she followed it. Emily earned rookie of the year. Meaning she sold more Real Estate than any other new agent in the office. 


All this to say - when Emily works with her clients she uses the same approach - she goes all in and plays to win.  


Bo  Hines

Bo is an agent with The Freeman Group and has been with Keller Williams since earning his real estate license in 2015.

One of Bo's favorite things about being a Realtor is helping both buyers and sellers with their journeys to the next stage in their lives. Real estate transactions are big moments in people’s lives, and he is grateful for all the clients that have put their trust in him to help guide them through the process. There is nothing more satisfying to Bo than seeing his buyer client's excitement as they close on their dream home, whether it be their first home or their fourth. And he loves when he presents high-quality offers to his sellers knowing that all their hard work in getting their home ready for the market has paid off and they are able to move forward towards their new life goals.


Sarah  Huitt

Director of Operations for The Freeman Group. 


Sarah is usually found behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly.  Her primary role is making sure that Emily and Bo have everything they need to help you at the highest level. Sarah handles the marketing and coordinating the contract to close process.

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